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Using downdraft technology, the NEW Miniveyor Air VAF-FFD Fast Floor Dryer Fan downdraft floor dryer is capable of drying an entire room in minutes. The powerful 6 blade precision fan blade draws down warmer, drier air from the top of the room and blows it across the entire floor.
The heavy duty swivel castors on this Fast Floor Dryer provide easy mobility and position the unit at optimum downdraft height. You can stack the dryers for easy storage and transport if necessary and the in-built telescopic handled trolley allows you to move the fan from job to job with ease.
• The dual wall tough plastic moulded body will not dent or ding.
• Stack for easy storage and transport.
• 360 degrees directed airflow - no more drying a room one section at a time.
• Multi position versatility.
• In built trolley for easy mobility.
• One dryer can dry a typical room in 15 minutes. 

    Air Flow Rating   Power   Current   Rpm   Duct Dia   Size   Weight
110 Volts
3500 CFM
1/4 HP
  2.2A   3325       58cm x 59cm x 68cm
23" x 231/4" x 263/4"
  24 KG
230 Volts
4450 CFM
1/4 HP
  1.8A   2750       58cm x 59cm x 68cm
23" x 231/4" x 263/4"
  24 KG

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